5:04 PM

The funniest video in Malaysia!!!!

Hey people!!!

Here I have some very funny and some moral added value video. As a Malaysian people, we must proud of our own culture. The video is about 2 buddies and they are Indian people. They pretend to be like black man rappers and suddenly… errrrr…. You better watch the video yourselves.

The word ‘Patti’ that will you here in minutes 1.03 means Grandma. The other friend heard that Patti means Party…. Anyway just watch!!!! Must watch…

6:10 AM

Director slap Kenya West

Hey Malaysians!!!

After the big issue getting slapped by Taylor Swift at the VMA last September, again Kenya West getting slapped by a short film director after he refusing to put down his blueberry phone. I'm not sure whether this is only a made video or a true video. Anyway, check it out the videos. I attached 2 videos here, the 1st video, is when Kenya West insult Taylor Swift at VMA and the other video is the video which the director slapped Kenya West.

6:08 AM

Taylor Swift Halloween Pranked By Ellen

Hey Malaysians!!!

The video was taken by Ellen TV Show on 30th October 2009. Taylor Swift was pranked by Ellen in her bathroom when she was asked one of Ellen crew to check out something in the bathroom.

Ellen scared Taylor to death, poor her!! The hilarious things are when Taylor fell in the floor and Taylor’s reaction. If only they would show the video in slow motion!!!