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UPCOMING MOVIE : whip it~~~~~~

In the small towns of Texas if you can imagine how a girl will adapt to been a roller derby. It was not an easy task especially if she was kept instead of their mothers limitations. There are lots of teens that have found so many difficulties in life due to the restrictions and miss leads by their parents. Really it was very unfortunate to be and some oft he teens have found them self a new way by leaving all the rules and rights behind. Some times it could be the change they need of life. Doing some thing that you really dont want to do is miserable.

But hire in the movie Whip it review it shows a wonderful life changing story of a young teen that found her way back in life in a roller derby team. there are so many things to be learn as a teen for her and only her parents are thing of she can be a such beautiful pageants. But this girl has other thoughts and she was really not all that fine with these beauty parlors. Bliss is her name and she was looking for a new change in life. But her parents dream is stopping her been what person she really wants to be in life. Some short of a youth revival shows in the movie Whip It (2009).this movie was adopted by a novel Cross novel Derby Girl.

How ever the movie does not able to fallow all the captions in the book as it were and movie been adding so many adventures and hilarious stuff into the story. It was quite fascinating to see in the end. Movie Whip It (2009) making few differences from the book and tries to get more humor and romance in to the movie. it was very polite and teens attractions must count on these short of issues like romance and joy. Ellen Page plays the role of girl Bliss. She has been adapted well in to the character and it was fine piece of acting from her. Her desperation shows across the movie and rest of the story line was made around her. There for she got a big role to play in this movie. This movie does have a good manner of showing the teens likes and also it

Discovers a new area of parents hopes in their children. When she was chosen for the roller derby her father does encourage her. And even mother was little happy to see her achievements after all. it was awesome movie experience as a teen and sport movie. This movie was well directed by Drew Barrymore and not only that he was also joins in the production too. Everybodys Fine (2009), Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008) does come to our heads as her actor credits. Her experience in this movie does help her a lot for this direction. This movie was due to release on October 9th, 2009 and it was a fine comedy movie. Ellen Page, Marcia Gay Harden, Kristen Wiig, Juliette Lewis and Jimmy Fallon join in the cast of this movie. There are some imaginations of parents can be wrong but a teen does have a right to find their way in life.