3:40 PM

The annoying Bush!!!

Hey Malaysians!!!!!!!

I always hope every of my writings here will sustain at least for the next 40 years for my grandchildren. In the next 40 years I might having a grandchild or perhaps several grandchildren which can be at the age between 5 to 10 years old.

Blogging is a part of my daily chores. So, I have to keep on updating it, and at the time the world chase me out, I already left some journals for my grandchildren to know at least, their grandpa’s life.

So for this second entry, I dedicate this entry to my future grandchildren. It’s about the person I HATE most in this world, George Bush.

To all my future grandchildren, if you don’t know this person, let me explain to you kids… he was a President of United States…YES HE WAS!!!! …. PLUS… he’s a transvestite. Don’t believe it??? Check out the pics…

This was her when she won Miss Transvestite 2007 represent United States

She always dream to be the next Marilyn Monroe

This was her as a pornstar magazine

When she was a college students