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This my 1st entry..

Hey Malaysians, FYI, this is my 9th blogs that I have created so far since I've been addicted to the world of blogging. But this blog is more on jokes and funny thinggy as well as my favorite funny collection videos which I want to share with you, Malaysians!!!!

I'm very sure most of you Malaysian people had watched Malaysian Idol and also American Idol tv program. Nahhhhh, for this 1st entry, I'll show you the collection of my favorite funniest moment happened in Idol tv program around the world.


NUMB- (enam)

Taken from Indonesian Idol



This is the Malaysian William Hung Wannabe... Everytime I watched this video I can't imagine how can this guy came for an audition wearing St. John Ambulance Shirt??? Anyway do watch this video,and please watch his finger movement... it really woooowwww!!!



Taken From West African Idol....

We're Brothers
Taken from American Idol. Who said eveyone hate Simon? This video proof them wrong,