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Band Promo :Lydias Diery

Hey Malaysians!!!!!!!

Meet Lydias Diery :)

Lydias Diery is a Malaysian band which plays radio friendly pop rock songs. The band’s direction and decision to deviate from their previous genre of alternative and grunge vibes is largely due to the fact that the members wanted to venture out and try something new. With the coming of their newfound direction and departures of a few members of the group, Lydias Diery recruited new blood to fill in the void that was left gaping. The vocalist for the band is known as Botaq. Wu Shern and Sanpagan man the guitars in the group. Wan is entrusted with the percussions and drums and Fabian plays bass. At this point in time, Lydias Diery has 2 songs playing on Malaysian radio. Masih and Kisah Cinta Nasi Lemak are essentially the 2 malay songs that encapsulate the new direction which the band wishes to endeavor in. Caller ringtones of these 2 songs are available via a few telecommunication providers and the band also hosts questions and feedback from its fans through the band’s myspace account. Lydias diery are in the midst of recording their 1st album which is very widely anticipated in a few quarters and according to the band, hopes to be released late this year or early next.