6:01 PM

MOVIE TRAILER : Jin Notti (Must WATCH!!!!)

Hey Malaysians!!!!!!

Happy celebrating Ramadan!!! For this upcoming 'Aidilfitri' celebration, let's entertain ourselves with a Malay movie entitled Jin Notti. I'm sure this will be a booming local movie for this year acted by Fara Fauzana and the number ONE Malaysian singer, MAWI!!!!!

Notti, a lonely female genie is sent for imprisonment by the court of genies for her indecency that is against their norm. Insulted by her conduct, the court decides to expel her to the world to do various bad things yet it never works to change her into becoming a bad genie. After a series of punishment and trial, the court has reached their verdict and has cast her out to the world forever. And her last wish in front of the court has only sparked her love interest with a human, Ajiz.